Wawa is an NFT collection like no other — with NFTs generated based on crypto community members' wallet activity. Internet identities come to life as unique and hyper-cute characters, with each attribute determined by on-chain histories. From top to toe, users' crypto histories become the DNA of their pixel-perfect, playable avatars. Every Wawa comes complete with its very own pet, generated based on actions, such as trading on Uniswap. Once minted, Wawa characters are dropped into owners' virtual Phi Lands and can engage with fellow community members via chat. Wawa are a celebration of the wonderful world of crypto and the unique individuals who inhabit and empower it. They represent freedom to explore, play, connect, and be your true self — free from all bias.



There are four Factions in Wawa: Prima, Mecha, Zook, and Flavo. Each Faction has a distinct theme, which is reflected in the appearance of the Wawa.

  • is the Faction that first entered the world of Wawa and is a fundamental presence for other Factions.
  • is a Faction themed around animals.
  • is a Faction themed around machinery.
  • is a Faction themed around food.

All of them have themes that are often seen in the world of Crypto.


On-chain History & Traits

Wawa uses your wallet address and activities to determine the traits and appearance of your Wawa.

Headwear - This is determined from the date of the first transaction on your Ethereum wallet. The earlier it is the rarer trait & appearance you can acquire.

Eyes - This is determined from the number of transactions you have executed on your Ethereum wallet. The more transactions you have, the rarer trait & appearance you can acquire.

Chest - This is determined by the Phi Active Rank you have achieved from Phi Quest. The better rank you have, the rarer trait & appearance you can acquire.

Body - This is a common trait for all Wawa, and the appearance is determined by your wallet address.

Legs - This is determined by the highest gas price (i.e. maximum gas price) from the transactions your wallet has executed. The higher the gas price the rarer trait & appearance you can acquire.

All of these traits are determined at the point of minting and you may get better traits/appearance if you decide to improve your wallet profile before minting a Wawa.



Pets are a Wawa’s companion. To unlock access to a pet, you would need to accomplish one or several on-chain activities specific to each pet. Once unlocked you may select a pet to mint with your Wawa. For example, if you own an ENS domain, you will unlock a pet that symbolizes ENS and is selectable in the minting page.


Gene & Name

Each Wawa is assigned a 64-digit binary number. This is referred to as a Gene, and can be thought of as the DNA of the Wawa. While this number does not have any specific purpose or utility assigned at launch, it is meant to provide extensibility and expansion of the Wawa ecosystem. For example, Wawa’s genes can be used to represent attributes in a user created game (e.g. atk, def, hp, dex). And every Wawa is assigned a name. The name is generated based on the value of the Gene, and it consists of eight letters with vowels and consonants alternating, displayed as, for example, Wawa #JAROSIVI.