Welcome to the world of Wawa. Our collection is not just a simple accumulation of artwork, but a vibrant manifestation of crypto culture. Our pieces feature familiar motifs often seen in the crypto world, such as sushi, unicorns, bears, and cows. We have decided to release all our artwork into the public domain, adopting the CC0 (Public Domain) license. We envision a future where artists, creators, and anyone with a touch of creativity can freely utilize and evolve art within an open ecosystem. The contribution of Wawa to the public domain, infused with the essence of crypto culture, is a stepping stone towards the expansion of this ecosystem.


What is Public Domain(CC0)?

CC0 is a license that allows creators to dedicate their work to the public domain. This means they waive all their copyrights, allowing the work to be freely used by people all around the world. Works released under CC0 can be used, reproduced, and modified for any purpose, whether commercial or not, without needing permission from the copyright owner. For the Wawa NFT Collection, this includes all artwork that is hosted in our GitHub repository. All these creative assets are freely available under the CC0 license for anyone to use. However, caution is needed when using artwork. Even if a work is CC0, it may contain elements like trademarks or certain individual's rights to publicity that are not covered by copyright. Therefore, when using a work containing these elements, it's important to obtain necessary permissions and take appropriate steps.


Expanding the World of Wawa

The artwork of Wawa is entrusted to your hands to expand its possibilities of expression. They can be freely used as material for derivative works such as films, animations, comics, games. For instance, you could craft a story with Wawa characters as the protagonists, or construct a new video game world using them. The artwork of Wawa will continue to evolve with individual creativity. Incorporating the essence of Wawa into your own works will enrich this world of art even further. The artwork of Wawa is at your disposal to open doors to new expressions, new stories, and new futures. The world of Wawa expands infinitely with your creativity. Wawa has been sent to you to provide fresh inspiration for your creative activities and to unlock endless possibilities. Now, embark on your creative journey with Wawa.